What causes my dehumidifier to freeze up?

Another good question is why does my 70 pint basement dehumidifier keep freezing?

This is problem is seen on refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. The reason is pretty simply any time you have a compressor and a cooling coil you’re going to have a freezing problem. As long as the unit is work properly you will never know that the coil was freezing up. Most refrigeration based units have a basic form of defrost control.

Check to see of the air filter is clogged up and you are getting a good airflow through the unit.

If enough air doesn’t flow over the coils you could start freezing your Danby dehumidifier. A frozen dehumidifier is dead in its tracks. Unplug the unit clean the filter the best you can, be careful not to use harsh chemical and destroy your filter. Check to see if dust is clogging up the coils. After the ice is gone and the unit is cleaned up restart the dehumidifier again.

If than didn’t work the dehumidifier might be low on its refrigerant charge. You might be able to contact an air conditioner service man and get him to check the unit. Before you call try and do your homework, find out what size basement dehumidifier you have. Does this unit have the older R-22 or the new refrigerate R-410a. Some HVAC contractors like to show it look at the unit go shopping for parts and then come back and fix the unit. Yes you are paying for the contractor by the hour to fix you 70 pint dehumidifier.

When the person gets to your home you don’t want them to leave because time is your money.


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